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XBill-NG history:


XBill years

0.01 (7/21/94)

  • Bill moves, and he's in color too. You can even click on him and he screams "OUCH!" or "SPLAT!"
  • window resizing is very wrong

0.02 (7/22/94)

  • program no longer guaranteed to run predictably for longer than nine years (sorry)
  • ridiculously improved code style (no really a lot!)
  • added linked list unit and support for multiple monsters
  • added support for computers
  • bill says "POW!!!!!!" on button 2
  • improved Makefile
  • remembered to include app-defaults file in tar

0.03 (7/24/94)

  • forgot to initialize a variable. either the stupid aix compiler initialized it anyway or we were really lucky testing it.
  • removed annoying flicker
  • has multiple computers on the screen with random OSes
  • has multiple bills moving on the screen in random directions
  • used sxpm to create smaller .xpm files, minor savings in memory and executable size, easier to edit pixmaps
  • left button (button 1) removes bills from screen
  • right button (button 3) now resets computers to wingdows.

0.04 (7/25/94)

  • got masking to work (well, maybe not...)
  • bill now carries the wingdows box around
  • event handling/speed improved

0.1 (7/26/94)

  • masking really works now
  • fixed computer pixmap so it looks nice(r)
  • randomized computer layout now leaves room for bill to stand on right
  • support for bills walking in, standing at computers and walking out
  • bills walk towards a specific computer to plunder (primitive ai)
  • bill turns off computer, 'steals' native os and installs wingdows
  • count of bills remaining is kept: decreased when bill enters screen - increased if bill leaves
  • bill is killable in all states
  • computer reset to native os on right button
  • cleaned up code and internal structures
  • event handling/speed really improved (optimized for the new code)
  • server lag problems identified
  • linked list unit fixed so that function to move between lists works
  • window resizing is still very wrong

0.2 (8/14/94)

  • programmers woke up after being asleep since 7/26.
  • code structures were fixed very much (again)
  • bill faces in the direction he's walking
  • bill explodes in a gory shower of blood when clicked on (yeah!)
  • bill drops os when killed
  • the os stays on the ground when bill is killed if it had been stolen
  • the os bounces up and down while bill carries it
  • changed default cursor (matias will have to draw a better one later)
  • cursor changes during drag and drop operation
  • drag and drop works! there's a little hack involved, but not too bad...
  • bill now smart enough to notice that a computer is already corrupted and find a new one
  • game ends if all computers are lost

0.21 (8/15/94)

  • attempt to port code to athena widgets. it compiles and runs w/o motif now (i hate C macros) a bit
  • improved the makefile. an imakefile one day maybe...

0.22 (8/16/94)

  • when bill leaves the field, he drops the os he's carrying
  • status bar widget now does something

0.3 (8/23/94)

  • improved responsiveness a lot :)
  • menubar does something (new game, pause and quit buttons) if motif is used.
  • levels now exist (barely)
  • yet more code cleanup

0.31 (8/24/94)

  • a few things depend on the level (freq. and number of appearing bills, number of computers, step size)
  • bug where a computer is ignored if off is removed
  • menu code written.
  • athena code started. this works more or less, but not too well. i'd recommend using motif and/or a statically linked binary.

0.32 (9/18/94)

  • about box works. help almost works also.
  • a bunch of bugs fixed
  • have an Imakefile now (thanks to Greg Seidman -

0.9 (11/28/94 - a bit busier during school)

  • warp to arbitrary level works
  • game pauses when cursor leaves window
  • cursor warps to near upper left corner of opened dialog boxes
  • redefined both reset and drag to right button (button 3), added -1 option for people with a one button mouse. 1 may slow the game down a bit.
  • added -l, -L to specify starting level
  • added -v for version info
  • improved pictures a lot
  • added confirmations for actions
  • game now pauses well
  • fixed level difficulty stuff
  • bill walks at two speeds
  • minimizes to an icon (a cool one too...)
  • scoring improved
  • window cannot be resized now, no matter how hard you try :)
  • much cooler animations for bill replacing os
  • added high score list
  • fixed lots of silly bugs
  • made program not die from colormap error (i hope)

1.0 (4/5/95-4/9/95)

  • remembered that the game's not done yet :)
  • replaced usleep() calls with XtAppAddTimeout(). should make the game more responsive
  • changed all popup windows to modal dialogs. cleans up code a lot
  • removed Athena support, since it would take too long to finish.
  • made a couple pixmaps a bit smaller
  • changed colors to gray. why not?
  • finally got everything to work with full colormaps
  • got rid of app-defaults file. Not really used anyway
  • Only uses one button now (any button). Easier to play.
  • Some Imakefile fixes

1.1 (4/16/95)

  • modularized widget code, and added Athena widget support (rewritten from scratch). The game looks better with Motif, but that's not too important.
  • made pause button only active during game play
  • warping to a level starts a game if one isn't being played
  • fixed a potentially nasty bug that could cause bills to get lost
  • works in TrueColor now (I think - it works in 16 bit mode at least)

1.1a (9/22/95)

  • fixed bug where getopt() returned a char instead of an int.
  • fixed bug where hitting Enter when entering a high score corrupted the high score file.
  • don't fclose() nonexistant files any more.
  • added BSD as another operating system (patches by Joerg Wunsch,
  • it was really easy to play forever by guarding one computer. Now you lose when there's only one computer left running its normal OS.
  • added man page, written by Pekka Marjola (

2.0 (1/23/1997)

  • changed around some timer code.
  • removed Athena DrawingArea widget since CoreWidget works too.
  • massive code reorganization to improve portability to other GUIs, languages, etc.
  • Some computers are connected by network cables
  • When a computer with a network cable becomes infected, it will release a spark down the cable which will infect the computer on the other end. Pouring the bucket of water on the spark will extinguish it.
  • Made cursors and various other images look better.
  • Removed references to, which no longer exists.
  • Added Red Hat logo (fixed broken Red Hat patch).
  • Added GNU Hurd logo
  • Added Linux penguin logo
  • The BSD, Red Hat, Linux, OS/2, and Hurd operating systems are interchangable on the 2 PC computers.
  • The score is now displayed in the playing field.
  • Made Athena version far better looking.
  • Motif version almost completely works with Lesstif.

2.1 (11/15/2001)

  • converted all code from C++ into C.
  • cleaned up pretty much all of the code.
  • modified build system to use GNU autoconf instead of imake.
  • made the UI system modular, and created modules for the Athena and Motif widget sets. By default, both are built into the binary.
  • added a GTK front end.
  • added an option to use a larger playing field.
  • changed the Athena front end to use Xaw3d when possible.
  • add Palm OS/CPU (images borrowed from pBill and heavily modified)

NG time

NG (12/2/2009)

  • forked into repo on tuxfamily
  • see git revisions for details

NG-1.0 (1/10/2010)

  • omg first -NG release
  • more random
  • able to goto a random level
  • more points

NG-1.2 (1/14/2010)

  • moar points
  • more stuff

NG-1.4 (1/15/2010)

  • even moar stuff
  • random level you may get to is 200 now!
  • v2.1 marker removed! NOW REALLY NG

NG-1.5 (1/16/2010)

  • replaced X resource name with "XBill-NG"
  • max random level is up to 1,000

NG-1.6 (1/17/2010)

  • more things added
  • replaced sprintf use

NG-1.7 (1/24/2010)

  • New Wingdows pixmap!

NG-1.8 (1/27/2010)

  • More cables!
  • Maybe less computers!
  • Try now!

NG-1.9 (2/22/2010)

  • developer snooped and didn't wrote a ChangeLog entry

NG-2.0 (3/30/2010)

  • moving up to, bye bye sourceforge, which had been helpful!
  • clean up code that's unused
  • optimize pixmap size using "convert"

NG-2.1 "Wikipedia Release" (5/13/2010)

  • random level range changed
  • buggy motif gui returns
  • some other stuff

NG-2.2 (5/27/2011)

  • Minor bugfix release.
  • Game easier
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