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The roots

xBill, the original project, was created in 1994. In the early versions, it was quite incomplete. Early changelog entries suggest that the game was initially developed on AIX and not Linux, and that Motif was only supported. There was also a gap of no development from 1995 to 1997 and then 1997 to 2001. The last version was in 2001. Originally in C++, it is now in C. In it's early stages, it only supported Motif. Now, it supports Motif, Athena and GTK 1.

To the rescue!

In late 2009, I saw that the game wasn't being updated. He's was a xBill player too, but now he's at it. So development began at SourceForge, and the project was registered December 2nd, 2009, or the birth of the project.

Git out, SF!

Later, he switched to git, and hosted it at GitHub for a month. Soon, it was switched back to SourceForge.

Today: TuxFamily

On March 30, 2010, I switched the project to TuxFamily for many reasons:

  • He's got too many projects on SF
  • On TuxFamily, the network fully works, allowing easy transfer of data
  • The small amount of projects there.
  • He trusts the silly team there to host his projects (now think about it!)

Well, that's the history :)

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